How safe is my data?

The backups and the access tokens are secured with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) using 256-bit encryption key. Applying the best practices of Encryption methods, we use a different initialisation vector for every record, meaning it is virtually impossible to extract the data via reversed engineering.

How does the restore work?

When you restore a project, a task, etc. Pro Backup does not overwrite or change existing data in your cloud app. Instead a copy will be recreated from your data backup and added as an extra item to the parent entity (e.g. a task will be restored in its parent project).

Do I need a license for each team member?

No, you only need one Pro Backup license to back up your team's data.The pricing model is not based on the number of seats - instead you pay to back up your and the connected accounts.

Can I share my account with other users?

Yes, you can invite team members to Pro Backup. Each invited user needs to authorize Pro Backup with his account. Invited users have access to all data that is backed up and can also export & restore data in the user interface.

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