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General information

This document contains the Cookie Policy of Pro Backup BV, a company whose registered office is at Kroonwinningstraat 113, 3500 Hasselt (Belgium). Pro Backup BV is the legal owner of the Pro Backup service, accessed via and This Cookie Policy informs you about our use of cookies and similar technologies on and

In addition to what is mentioned in this Cookie Policy, Pro Backup is also responsible as the controller of your personal data. If you would like to receive more general information on the processing of your personal data, please check out our Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or mobile device which are used to make websites work and/or to collect information about your navigation. For more information about cookies, please refer to

Similar technologies are small pieces of software or invisible images (such as a pixel) that have been developed by a service provide. Just like cookies, these similar technologies allow us collect information on how you use our website.

What types of cookies exist?

A cookie can be classified in various ways. First, a cookie can be classified based on its lifespan:

  • Session cookies which are erased when the user closes the browser, and
  • Persistent cookies which remain on the user’s computer/device for a pre-defined period of time.

A cookie can also be classified based on its purpose:

  • Strictly necessary cookies which are essential to the functionalities of our website and the services you request from us,
  • Functional cookies which collect information about your preferences to improve the functioning of our website to you,
  • Analytical cookies which collect information about your use of the website, so that we can improve the website and our services to the benefit of all users, and
  • Marketing cookies which collect information about your browsing behavior to make content and advertising more relevant to you.

Finally, cookies can also be classified based on the domain to which it belongs:

  • First-party cookies which are set by the web server of the visited page and share the same domain, and
  • Third-party cookies stored by a different domain to the visited page’s domain. This can happen when the webpage references a file, such as JavaScript, located outside its domain.

Which cookies and similar technologies do we use?

Except for strictly necessary cookies, we will always ask your consent before placing the cookies or activating similar technologies. On your first visit of our website, you can provide your consent or share with us your cookie preferences. Provided that you do not withdraw your consent earlier, we will remember your choice for two (2) years. If you visit our website again after this period, we will ask your consent again. If you wish to withdraw your consent earlier, you will find more information below.

Some cookies and similar technologies are provided by third parties. Please be aware that some of these third-party services also use cookies and similar technologies for their own purposes. We make use of the following third-party services:

  • Cookie Bot
    For more information, please click the following link.
  • Google and YouTube
    For more information, please click the following link.
  • Piwik Pro
    For more information, please click the following link.
  • Hotjar
    For more information, please click the following link.
  • VWO
    For more information, please click the following link.
  • Meta Platforms
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  • Reddit
    For more information, please click the following link.

At the end of this Cookie Policy, you can find an overview of all the cookies we use, who places them, their purpose, and the duration for which they remain stored.

With whom do we share your personal data?

We do not share your personal data with anyone other than persons who work for us, as well as with suppliers who help us process your personal data for the purposes identified in the table below. Anyone who has access to your personal data will always be bound by strict legal or contractual obligations to keep your personal data safe and confidential. This means that only the following categories of recipients will receive your personal data:

  • You;
  • Our employees, service providers, and suppliers; and
  • Government or judicial authorities to the extent that we are obliged to share your personal data with them (e.g., tax authorities, police, or judicial authorities).

We may send and process your personal data outside the European Economic Area (EEA) (the European Economic Area consists of the EU, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland). We will transfer your personal data outside the EEA to communicate with the categories of recipients of your personal data as defined under this subtitle. We will take adequate safeguards to protect your personal data when we transfer your personal data, such as an adequacy decision or standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission, where required, supplemented by additional measures to ensure an equivalent level of protection to that under the GDPR.

Disabling Cookies

You can disable cookies by setting your internet browser so that it does not store cookies anymore. In addition, you can delete all information previously saved via the settings of your browser. Here is an overview of how to delete cookies for the most popular web browsers:

Advertising preferences: You can enable or disable your preferences regarding certain individual companies via Your Online Choices. If you have a Google Account, you can enable or disable advertising personalization in your Google Ads Preferences Manager. Here you can also control which Google ads you see on the Internet, find out how ads are selected for you and block specific advertisers.

Your rights regarding your personal data

You have certain rights related to the processing of your personal data: the right of access, rectification, erasure, and data portability as well as the right to object to or limit the processing of your personal data. Further specificities in relation to the exercise of these rights are explained in our Privacy Policy. To withdraw your consent to the placement of cookies, please refer to the previous section.

To exercise one of your rights, you can submit a written request to stating the right to which your request relates. If you are still dissatisfied, you have the right to contact the competent data protection authority, being the data protection authority of the country of your habitual place of residence, place of work or the place of the alleged infringement.

In any case, you have the right to withdraw your consent that was earlier given for the processing of your personal data, at any time, by resummoning the cookie banner and changing your preferences.

Changes to this cookie policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time. The changes take effect automatically after publication. We recommend you to regularly check this page for updates.

Do you have any questions?

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